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2013 CSC Annual Coordinator Meeting

2013 CSC Annual Coordinator Meeting

2013 CSC Annual Coordinator Meeting

A BIG THANK YOU to those Coordinators who attended, and participated in, this year's annual meeting. There was a lot of networking, sharing best practices and models, active participation, lively discussion and getting to know each other as part of a regional AmeriCorps program. A total of 62 Coordinators came to The Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colorado for the two-day meeting March 12-13, 2013.

Click here for the presentation we used to cover all the material over the two-day meeting.

Agenda Highlights: View the Agenda

Serve Colorado Presentation on National Days of Service and Quarterly Member Audits (slides 6-41 in presentation above).

Writing the Compact Service Corps RFP (slides 45-60 in presentation above).
Click here for the following RFP writing resources: 
Writing the RFP for Campus Participation Sample Email. 
What does Value-Added Mean? 
Shared Responsibility in Writing the RFP.  
Service Project Proposal Examples.

Service Plans for Success Guidance (slides 62-68 in presentation above). 
Service Plan for Success resources: Service Plan for Success Guidance. 
Service Plan for Success Examples: EducationNursingMental HealthCapacity BuildingService Plan for Success Coordinator Statements.

Collecting Performance Measurement Data From Members (slides 70-81 in presentation above).
Click here for the following tracking worksheet tools for Members: 
Education Member K-12 Student Retention Tracking Tool.  
Healthy Futures Member Patients/Clients Served Tracking Tool.  
Capacity Building Member Volunteers Recruited/Trained/Managed Tracking Tool.

11-12 Evaluation Results (slides 82-95 in presentation above). 
11-12 Year End Impact Report

Member Training Opportunities.  Are your Members taking advantage of the Careers in the Common Good Scholarships or the CGI U Scholars Award?  
Scholarships Awarded by Campus

Retention Rates. Click here for your campus' 
Enrollment and Retention Rate for 10-11.  
Your campus' Enrollment and Retention Rate for 11-12.  
Your campus' Enrollment and Retention Rate for 12-13.

12-13 File Compliance Guidelines.  
12-13 File Compliance Guidlines

13-14 Program Calendar
13-14 Program Calendar

13-14 Slot Request
13-14 slot Request by Campus Project

Creating an AmeriCorps Culture (slides 102-110 in presentation above). Click here for notes from the "harvest."

Civic Reflection (slides 113-133). 
Click here for a copy of the following resources:  
What is Critical Reflection? 
Nuts and Bolts of Facilitating Civic Reflection. 
Terms and Key Concepts for Civic Reflection.Reflection Reading.

2014-2017 Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps Projects (slides 142-150). 
2014-2017 List of Possible Performance Measures.

Best Practices Workshops:

Click here for a description of each workshop below.

New Coordinator Workshop. 
Presenter: Jami Hiyakumoto, Compact Service Corps Program Director.
Resources: Training Ground Grant ApplicationCareers in the Common Good Scholarship Application,Clinton Global Initiative University ApplicationForbearance Request Form (see page 29 of Enrollment Packet), Interest Accural Form (see page 15 of Exit Packet),12-13 File Compliance Guidelines13-14 Program Calendar.

Training Ground Grant - Utilized for Effective Partnerships.
Presenters: Ryan Campbell and Carla Mirabelli from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Click here for a copy of this presentation.
Resources: Training Ground Grant Planning Worksheet.  LeaderShape Catalyst Program.

Reaching Out to Veterans and Wounded Warriors. Presenter: Wendy Jeschke from Flathead Valley Community College. 
Click here for a copy of this presentation. 
Resources:  Mingo! National Service Inclusion Project Fact Sheet. National Service to Employment Project. Who are People with Disabilities?

Get and Stay Organized! File Organization and Management, Student Communication and Problem Solving.
Presenter: Willie Mae Brown from University of Colorado, Denver. 
Click here for a copy of this presentation.

Institutionalizing Service: A Dialogue. 
Presenter: Josh Vanek from Montana Campus Compact. 
Click here for a copy of this presentation.  
Click here for notes from this session.

Understanding and Befriending the Policy and Procedures for Criminal History Checks.
Presenter: Jeanine Mason, Criminal History Check Specialist, Colorado Campus Compact. 
Click here for a copy of this presentation. 
Resources: Spreadsheet of Approved ASPsFlow ChartCriminal History Check Authorization FormCriminal History Check Verification FormLivescan Scheduling FormSharing the Livescan MachineUploading the FBI Check Results to JOneCompleting the NSOPW Report.


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