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The AmeriCorps Pledge

The AmeriCorps Pledge

The AmeriCorps Pledge

I will get things done for America –

to make our people safer,

smarter, and healthier.

I will bring Americans together

to strengthen our communities.

Faced with apathy,

I will take action.

Faced with conflict,

I will seek common ground.

Faced with adversity,

I will persevere.

I will carry this commitment

with me this year and beyond.

I am an AmeriCorps Member,

and I will get things done.


This isn’t a story about war, about the wounds—both visible and invisible—that soldiers are left to carry after war, or the trauma that goes hand in hand with being a soldier.  You won’t find details of battle or unsettling imagery in this tale.  This story is about strength and determination beyond the experience of war; this story embodies the power of self-identity as a veteran.  It’s a story of integrating the person that you once were with the person you are now...