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National Member Survey & Colorado Results

Responses have been tallied from the 2011 National Campus Compact member survey, including responses to state-specific questions focused on Colorado institutions.  The survey provides a quantitative story of engagement on our member campuses, shares insights on specific initiatives and priorities for civic and community engagement efforts statewide, and allows CCMW to more effectively support engagement efforts through directed programming.  Click here for the 2011 survey results. Curious about previous years' data?  Click here for 2010 survey results and here for 2009 survey results.

How are faculty using service learning and community-based research?

What do they find most challenging about it? What support do they need?
How has it impacted their work and lives and that of their students?

In 2009, Campus Compact of the Mountain West hosted the Faculty Engagement Survey, adopted from the Western Region Campus Compact Consortium (WRCCC) and Utah Campus Compact's Faculty Engagement Inventory, to answer these pressing questions. Click here to read the 2009 Program Evaluation Report, which encompasses both the results of this survey and the 2009 National Campus Compact membership survey. To see the tools used in the Faculty Engagement survey, click on any of the links below. 


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