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2016 Engaged Department Award

2016 Engaged Department Award

The Engaged Department Award recognizes one academic department or program at a CCMW member institution for its exemplary commitment to advancing the civic purposes of higher education through a coordinated effort.

CU Boulder’s Program for Writing & Rhetoric has emerged as a national exemplar for academic departments in various stages of authentically integrating community engagement into their pedagogy, scholarship, and practice. The program’s institutionalization of community-engaged practices is truly unparalleled in the region. We are truly delighted to be able to honor the Program for Writing and Rhetoric for its many accomplishments and look forward to celebrating those to come.

Mountain West Engagement Awards
Program for Writing & Rhetoric, University of Colorado Boulder
Thursday, October 20, 2016


This isn’t a story about war, about the wounds—both visible and invisible—that soldiers are left to carry after war, or the trauma that goes hand in hand with being a soldier.  You won’t find details of battle or unsettling imagery in this tale.  This story is about strength and determination beyond the experience of war; this story embodies the power of self-identity as a veteran.  It’s a story of integrating the person that you once were with the person you are now...