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2016 Engaged Scholarship Award

2016 Engaged Scholarship Award

The Engaged Scholarship Award recognizes a faculty member at a CCMW member institution whose scholarship illustrates clear goals for academic and community change, adequate preparation in the content area and in the community, methodological rigor, significant impact in the field and in the community, effective dissemination to academic and community audiences, reflective critique, and ethical behavior.

As a researcher, instructor, and social justice advocate, Dr. Walsh has consistently and authentically partnered with organizations including El Centro Humanitario (a day laborer immigrant rights center), the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, the American Friends Service Committee, Rights for All People, and Sacred Heart House homeless shelter. Dr. Walsh’s Department Chair writes, “Jim has demonstrated a profound commitment to innovation and advancement of higher education (particularly through experiential learning and civic engagement campaigns that place the university into service-partnerships with surrounding community groups), a profound sense of individual civic responsibility (e.g., he is the founder and leader of the nationally recognized Romero Theater Troupe, which produces a theater of social activism), and a life-long commitment to improving the welfare of individuals from marginalized communities.” We are truly delighted to be able to honor Dr. Walsh for his many accomplishments and look forward to celebrating those to come.

Mountain West Engagement Awards
Dr. James P. Walsh, University of Colorado Denver
Thursday, October 20, 2016


Here at CCMW we are tasked with “leading the evolution of the engaged campus,” but what does that mean? What better way to tell the story of engagement than by looking at an example of an engaged student. We would like to introduce you to Melissa Tilleman, a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming (UW), to help tell the story of how CCMW supports a campus in creating opportunities to produce engaged students.

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