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Engaged Student Award

Engaged Student Award

The Engaged Student Award recognizes one outstanding student from a CCMW member institution whose service has effectively contributed to their educational experience and made a tangible, positive difference in the community.

Ms. Sandy truly embodies the spirit of community engagement both in her service and in her personal life. Ms. Sandy has managed the TekConnect, a program that refurbishes donated computers and distributes them to those in need, for the past two years. Impressively, last year, TekConnect refurbished and distributed 200 computers. Ms. Sandy is an active member of and current treasurer for Gamblers Anonymous. She currently serves as the Vice President for Phi Theta Kappa and regularly volunteers on numerous projects through the college. Most recently, she was selected to participate in Leadership Jefferson County, a program both supports and mentors emerging local leaders by providing participants with a broader view of civic leadership through contact with people and institutions that shape Jefferson County. In her award essay, Ms. Sandy characterized her service in the context of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last project, writing that her mission is “to help the less fortunate and promote economic justice by addressing issues of employment, housing, healthcare, and food to all people regardless of the color of their skin.”

Mountain West Engagement Awards
Deitra Sandy, Red Rocks Community College
Monday, September 26, 2016


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