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Compact Service Corps Member Training Opportunities

Compact Service Corps Member Training Opportunities

Compact Service Corps Member Training Opportunities

Careers in the Common Good Scholarship

The Careers in the Common Good Scholarship makes available up to $250 per Compact Service Corps Member to support training experiences that deepen the individual’s knowledge, skills and self reflection regarding his or her service. Compact Service Corps Members apply directly to Colorado Campus Compact and all scholarship application forms can be accessed online.  This opportunity is no longer available.

Clinton Global Initiative University Scholars Program

The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) Annual Meeting is a meeting for students and national youth organizations to discuss solutions to pressing global issues.  At this meeting, nearly 1,200 attendees will come together to make a difference in CGI U’s five Focus Areas:  Education, Environment & Climate Change, Peace & Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, and Public Health.  As a prerequisite of attending the CGI U meeting, students and youth organization directors are asked to develop their own Commitments to Action:  a specific plan of action that addresses a pressing challenge on their campus, in their community, or in a different part of the world.  At this meeting, they will gain skills necessary to complete this “Commitment,” such as community partner development, fund raising, etc.  After the meeting, they will also have access to support and guidance from CGI U staff.  For more information, please visit the Clinton Global Initiative University website.

CGI U Scholars 2014:  Through a competitive process, 20 Compact Service Corps Members will be nominated to apply to CGI U to attend the meeting and participate in pre and post-reflection and learning.  All travel and training related expenses are covered for Compact Service Corps Members who are awarded a scholarship and selected to attend.  Click here for the 2014 CGI U Scholars Program application.  The CGI U Scholars Program application process will close on Wednesday, October 30th for the Compact Service Corps nomination and on Friday, November 22nd for the CGI U Annual Meeting for those Members selected to apply.


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