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Sabrina Sideris

Sabrina Sideris has been the Program Director of INVST Community Studies at the University of Colorado – Boulder since August 2007 ( 

Sabrina’s professional purpose is to help young adults come to life as conscientious, concerned citizens. She works to support learners as they decide upon a course of reflective action for social and environmental change, dedicating their lives to justice, sustainability and peace work. 

With an MA in Peace Education from the UN-mandated University for Peace (, she is also an Instructor with INVST Community Studies, which develops students into engaged citizens and leaders who work for the benefit of humanity and the environment.  INVST Community Studies offers four innovative programs:

--The INVST Community Leadership Program develops community leaders who engage in compassionate action as a lifetime commitment. This program serves CU students, usually during their Junior and Senior years. Through a combination of theory, skills and community service, young people learn to be effective and responsible community leaders. 

--Community Studies Electives foster civic responsibility and leadership potential. Offered to any CU student and requiring no special application process, these courses allow learners to examine who they are in relation to the world they're part of.

--The Youth Council for Public Policy empowers students to use the democratic process as a tool for positive social change. It uniquely offers high school students the chance to attend classes on the CU campus and participate with college students. 

--The newest INVST collaboration involves CU student mentors in Public Achievement with local K-12 students in the City of Boulder and Lafayette, CO in order to meet challenges and solve problems. They learn from each other the meaning of citizenship and democracy as they design and implement community service projects together.

Along with the second-year skills courses, INVST 4931 & 4932: Community Leadership in Action, Parts 1 & 2, Sabrina teaches INVS/WMST 3302: Facilitating Peaceful Community Change, the first-year theory offering for a comprehensive two-year Community Leadership Program. She also teaches INVS 3402: Another City is Possible: Re-Inventing Detroit, Michigan. 

She lives in community at the Masala Cooperative in Boulder and is the president of the board for the Boulder Housing Coalition, which develops affordable housing co-ops (


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