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CSC Members

CSC Members

CSC Members

The Compact Service Corps Program (CSC) provides national and community service opportunities for students and community members at participating sites to engage in meaningful service learning, civic engagement and community service experiences.  Students and community members enroll in Compact Service Corps through Careers in the Common Good academic programs that focus on the well-being of the greater community, co-curricular experiences, student groups, and community partners focused on meeting community needs and priorities in the areas of education, healthy futures and nonprofit capacity building.

In addition to the benefits students receive as AmeriCorps Members, Campus Compact of the Mountain West provides additional training and development opportunities for Compact Service Corps Members.

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Enrolling in the Program

All Compact Service Corps Members must complete service projects in one of three focus areas:  Education, Healthy Futures or Capacity Building.

Education Focus Area Projects must work with students who are between kindergarten through 12th grade on improving academic engagement.  For more information on Education Focus Area Projects, click here.  If you will complete your service as a tutor, your service project must meet specific criteria (click here for more information).

Healthy Futures Focus Area Projects must provide preventive and/or primary health care for underserved patients/clients.  For more information on Healthy Futures Focus Area Projects, click here.

Capacity Building Focus Area Projects must serve local nonprofit organizations on development of infrastructure to increase and improve the organization's ability to manage volunteers to increase the effectiveness of programs and services.  Members serving under the capacity building focus area must develop and/or implement a minimum of three new volunteer management practices.  All capacity building projects must include recruitment, training and/or management of volunteers.  This can include new recruitment of community volunteers, training of existing volunteers and management of new and recurring volunteers at the host site.  For more information on Capacity Building Focus Area Projects, click here.

For specifics about the Compact Service Corps Program, click here for the online Member Orientation.  If you are interested in enrolling in CSC, you will need to take a quiz to test your knowledge of the program (click here for the quiz), and contact your CSC Coordinator on campus to attend a formal orientation and to complete the enrollment process.  Click here for a list of participating campuses and Coordinator contact information.

As an AmeriCorps Member, you are expected to adhere to the AmeriCorps pledge. (Click on this link to take the pledge.)  The pledge represents the commitment you have taken to serve not just this year, but in the years ahead.

Participating in National Days of Service

As a Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps Member, part of the AmeriCorps pledge you took talks about “getting things done for communities.” That “getting things done” largely refers to your direct service placement with your school, hospital, clinic or nonprofit where you serve regularly. However, there are a special set of days set aside each year called National Days of Service that offer AmeriCorps Members opportunities to serve together collecting food for food banks, building playgrounds, beautifying communities, visiting the elderly, teaching the values of diversity and tolerance and all kinds of other great things that communities need. These one-time events help communities with important needs, give AmeriCorps Members important leadership experience, and help share the story of Campus Compact, Compact Service Corps and AmeriCorps. Please be mindful that participation in National Days of Service are to be counted as Member Development Hours on your monthly time log.  For more information about participating in National Days of Service, click here.

National Days of Service, Academic Year 2013-14



If you are an active CSC AmeriCorps Member, click here to access enrollment materials, time logs, exit materials, and the Careers in the Common Good scholarship application.

For examples of well-written Service Plans for Success, please view the following documents:


Monthly Time Logs

Time logs are due to your Campus Coordinator on a monthly basis to keep the status of your term of service active.  To accurately collect performance measures and record them on your monthly time log, please use the tools below.  See the "Instructions" tab for more information on how to report monthly data:


Exiting the Program

Once you have finished your contracted number of hours for your Compact Service Corps term of service, complete the exiting process (Site Supervisor Evaluation, Member Survey and fill out the Exit Form) and return the completed Exit Form to your CSC Coordinator on campus.  Click here for information on the exiting process.


All Members must complete the Member Survey at the end of their Term of Service:  Click on this link to take the Member Survey.

Using Your Education Award

Once you have exited the program, you will be able to access your Eli Segal AmeriCorps Education Award.  For specifics on what you may use your award for, click here.

You have the option to use the "My AmeriCorps Portal" that will allow you to request your Eli Segal AmeriCorps Education Award benefits online.  Once you register, you can create your requests online and submit to your Education or Financial Institution for processing.  Through the online payment system, you can request AmeriCorps Education Award payments, Interest Accrual payments, and Forbearance on your qualified student loans.  Additionally, this automated system will let you view the status of your requests, provide up to date information on your AmeriCorps Education Award balances, show the history of your requests and even let you update your contact information online.  Click here for a tutorial on using the My AmeriCorps Portal system to submit payment requests.

If you are experiencing problems accessing your education award, call the National Service Trust at 1-800-942-2677.


“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
----Viktor Frankl

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