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Engaged Campus Initiative

Engaged Campus Initiative

Engaged Campus Initiative

The engaged campus is defined as one in which academic and community engagement is integral to all aspects of the university, and a core component and value of the university’s mission and education. Campus Compact of the Mountain West’s Engaged Campus Initiative (ECI) offers an array of programs and services explicitly designed to assist campuses in creating and advancing a culture of engagement across academic, co-curricular and administrative programs and departments. Click on the headings below to explore our current ECI offerings.

New in 2016:

Mountain West Engaged Scholars Summit & Engagement Awards

Building from the Engaged Scholars Symposium hosted at the University of Northern Colorado, this annual Summit will offer a regional opportunity for faculty, students, and community partners to share the impact of their engaged work with peers from across Colorado and Wyoming. In addition, CCMW is introducing the Mountain West Engagement Awards in categories specific to students, faculty, community partnerships, engaged departments, and staff. Click here for more information.

To to support the implementation of Engaged Faculty Institutes at member campuses, CCMW is now accepting applications for this campus-based training grant.  All CCMW member campuses are eligible to apply. Campus Compact of the Mountain West funds grants of up to $1,500. 


Campus Compact of the Mountain West's Engaged Consulting Corps (ECC) is comprised of higher education professionals and community leaders whose valuable knowledge, experience and diverse perspectives can inform efforts to deepen civic and community engagement in higher education. The ECC serves to build and highlight local expertise so that our member campuses can leverage the best practices...

The Engaged Faculty Institute (EFI) provides an opportunity for up to beginning practitioners to participate in a multi-faceted training experience around service learning, a dynamic teaching/learning strategy that has been shown to increase students’ mastery of course content, enrich campus/community relationships, and positively impact retention rates. Service learning is an experiential,...

Access the Spring 2016 ESG Application here!

Each year, Campus Compact of the Mountain West awards six (three each semester) Engaged Scholarship Grants of up to $1,500 each. The Engaged Scholarship Grant program funds faculty projects that promote community engagement....

Mountain West Community Engaged Scholars Summit
University of Northern Colorado
October 20th, 2016

CCMW is currently accepting proposals for the Summit poster session. The poster session will run from 1:00pm to 2:30pm. The poster session is an excellent opportunity for members of the higher education community to share information about community issues and community...


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