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Engaged Faculty Institute

Engaged Faculty Institute

Engaged Faculty Institute

The Engaged Faculty Institute (EFI) provides an opportunity for up to beginning practitioners to participate in a multi-faceted training experience around service learning, a dynamic teaching/learning strategy that has been shown to increase students’ mastery of course content, enrich campus/community relationships, and positively impact retention rates. Service learning is an experiential, student-centered pedagogy that enhances classroom learning while addressing community needs. The EFI employs readings, hands-on workshops, and discussions with regional experts to provide the best practices for service learning and guide participants as they integrate service learning into their own curricula.  Participants leave the EFI with a new or modified syllabus for one (or more) of their courses that demonstrates the principles and best practices of service learning. To date, more than 100 faculty from 16 member institutions have participated in the EFI.

CCMW, in partnership with California Campus Compact and Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, is proud to announce the publication of the EFI Curriculum, a comprehensive, research-based toolkit for guiding faculty members through service-learning course design.Based on CCPH's 2007 Faculty Toolkit for Service Learning in Higher Education, the EFI Curriculum includes tools, resources, worksheets, reflections, and assessment tools for course design (or re-design), impact assessment, and sustainability.

CCMW regularly hosts EFI facilitator training workshops These workshops are appropriate for anyone who faciliatetes professional development around teaching & learning and/or community engagement or faculty/staff who are interested in learning more about this new resource. Check back soon for available dates or contact Katie Kleinhesselink at to schedule a workshop.

2011 Engaged Faculty Institute Assessment

In 2012, Campus Compact of the Mountain West completed a full assessment of the 2011 Engaged Faculty Institute using data from pre-, post-, and implementation surveys completed by EFI participants.  These data show meaningful gains in participants' knowledge about service learning pedagogies and skills to implement effective service learning practices into their courses, increasing post-Institute through implementation of service learning courses the following semester. Please click here for the full report.


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