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Jenny Whitcher

Jenny Whitcher

Director of Service Learning, Director of Master of Arts in Social Change, Iliff School of Theology

Jenny Whitcher is the Director of the Master of Arts in Social Change degree program and Director of Service Learning at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO. She serves on the Advisory Committee of Campus Compact of the Mountain West and the National Council of the American Commonwealth Partnership. Her work centers on the integration of civic-spiritual development for increased civic agency, and critical and democratic theory, practice, and pedagogy—all with an emphasis on diversity, inclusivity, and community. Whitcher received her Ph.D. from the Joint Doctoral Program of the Iliff School of Theology and the University of Denver with a concentration in Religion and Social Change, holds a M.A. in International Human Rights from the University of Denver, and a B.A. from New York University.


Here at CCMW we are tasked with “leading the evolution of the engaged campus,” but what does that mean? What better way to tell the story of engagement than by looking at an example of an engaged student. We would like to introduce you to Melissa Tilleman, a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming (UW), to help tell the story of how CCMW supports a campus in creating opportunities to produce engaged students.

Behold the power of service.