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Jonathan Vu

Jonathan Vu

CU Boulder SECond Mission AmeriCorps VISTA

Jonathan is a VISTA at University of Colorado at Boulder. He grew up in California but moved to Colorado in 2007 when he was stationed in Aurora, CO through the Air Force. He felt as though his service was uneventful and wanted to find a way to give back to the community that had continued to help him post-military service, as a student. Jonathan was a work-study for the CU Boulder Veterans’ Services office for a few years and after revamping their work processes and creating a tracking system for students, he decided that he wanted try and expand these improvements to other offices so that we can all better serve veterans receiving VA educational benefits. As an AmeriCorps VISTA, Jonathan has commited great amounts of time generating a successful data analysis and tracking program. He hopes the program will eventually have the capacity to be used in college camupses accross the United States. 

Jonathan likes to compete in USPSA; a national practical shooting community that holds weekly matches around the Denver area. He also enjoys completing DIY projects around the house that involve: carpentry, furniture making, and metalworking. 



Here at CCMW we are tasked with “leading the evolution of the engaged campus,” but what does that mean? What better way to tell the story of engagement than by looking at an example of an engaged student. We would like to introduce you to Melissa Tilleman, a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming (UW), to help tell the story of how CCMW supports a campus in creating opportunities to produce engaged students.

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