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Karen Lemke

Program Coordinator, Adams State University

Karen Lemke is the director of College Readiness programs at Adams State University, where she supports students who have low test scores in reading, writing and mathematics to success in their first year and beyond. Her research interests include nutrition and cognition, and this year she has co-developed a special AmeriCorps project called "Empowering People Through Food" in which ASU students work with community agencies to offer nutrition and cooking classes and discuss issues related to hunger and food security. She holds a masters degree from the University of Northern Colorado and a bachelors degree from Lawrence University. In 2014 she anticipates completing a Specialist in Education degree from Appalachian State University.


Here at CCMW we are tasked with “leading the evolution of the engaged campus,” but what does that mean? What better way to tell the story of engagement than by looking at an example of an engaged student. We would like to introduce you to Melissa Tilleman, a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming (UW), to help tell the story of how CCMW supports a campus in creating opportunities to produce engaged students.

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