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The Mission Continues Fellowship

The Mission Continues Fellowship

The Mission Continues Fellowship

CCMW partners with member campuses and The Mission Continues Fellowship Program to provide post-9/11 Veterans with opportunities to support their fellow Veterans' access to and success in higher education. Please contact Katie Kleinhesselink at for more information. 

What is a Mission Continues Fellowship?

The Mission Continues sponsors Veterans’ enrollment in a 6-month service and leadership program. Fellows serving with CCMW volunteer at least 20 hours a week to implement research-based best practices for fostering a truly Veteran supportive culture on member campuses. The Mission Continues provides the tools, direction, and a living stipend to Fellows, while the Veterans deploy their experience, their skills, and their desire against our communities’ most pressing problems.

Fellowship Expectations

Fellows serve 20 hours per week for 26 weeks with a member campus in Colorado or Wyoming or with the CCMW office. In addition to their volunteer service, Fellows complete monthly assignments aimed at easing the transition from military to civilian life.  Assignments guide Fellows in developing personal and career goals, while maintaining a life of service.

Fellowship Eligibility

  • United States citizen or permanent resident
  • Served in the military post-September 11, 2001
  • No longer on Active/Guard/Reserve status (IRR/ING status is acceptable) and having attained an honorable discharge
  • Minimum of 24 months of time in service, unless serious injury was sustained
  • Clean criminal record check (individual cases may be discussed on a case-by-case basis)



  • Embrace of a new challenge of service and providing a positive impact in your community
  • Translate your military skills and experiences to civilian life through volunteer service and a professional development curriculum
  • Receive a living stipend (up to $8,000, depending on the cost of living)
  • Opportunity to receive an education award as an AmeriCorps Member ($1,468 for 450 hours of service or $2,114 for 675 hours of service)
  • Inspire other Veterans and civilians to take action


This isn’t a story about war, about the wounds—both visible and invisible—that soldiers are left to carry after war, or the trauma that goes hand in hand with being a soldier.  You won’t find details of battle or unsettling imagery in this tale.  This story is about strength and determination beyond the experience of war; this story embodies the power of self-identity as a veteran.  It’s a story of integrating the person that you once were with the person you are now...