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CSC Coordinators

CSC Coordinators

CSC Coordinators

Coordinator Contacts

Click on each state for Campus Coordinator contact information at participating Compact Service Corps campuses in ArizonaColoradoMontanaNebraskaNorth DakotaSouth Dakota and Wyoming.

Training and Technical Assistance for Coordinators

The Compact Service Corps Program provides ongoing opportunities for Coordinators to receive personal and professional development, and offers the following Coordinator training opportunities and initiatives:

Annual Coordinator Guidance

Compact Service Corps Coordinators receive annual updates to changes in program policies and procedures.  Click here for the 13-14 Coordinator Guidance document.

Coordinator Training Conference Calls

Compact Service Corps conducts quarterly training calls for Coordinators to attend on specific topics, such as:  program compliance, using management systems, Member and community partner recognition events, applying for a Training Ground Grant, etc.  Click here for the 13-14 schedule of trainings.

Annual Compact Service Corps Coordinator Meeting

Campus Compact of the Mountain West annually convenes Compact Service Corps Coordinators for an in-person conference.  Coordinators are updated on CNCS policies and procedures, share best practices for program management, learn about new national service and higher education initiatives, and network with Coordinators from campuses across the region.  


Member Orientations

Watch a sample orientation to develop your own Compact Service Corps orientation for Members.

Criminal History Check Resources:


Resources for Scheduling Livescan Machines:


Enrolling, Exiting and File Compliance Guidelines:




Coordinator Scholarship Program for Professional Development

The Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps Program provides an opportunity for Coordinators to participate in professional development that enhances their understanding of and connection with national service, community-based learning, service-learning, and civic engagement initiatives. The Coordinator Scholarship makes available up to $250 per Compact Service Corps Coordinator to support training experiences that deepen the individual’s knowledge, skills and self reflection regarding his or her management of the Compact Service Corps AmeriCorps Program. Campus Coordinators apply directly to Campus Compact of the Mountain West and all scholarship application forms can be accessed online.

Coordinators receive ongoing training and technical assistance through Campus Compact of the Mountain West for updates on Corporation for National and Community Service policies and procedures, changes in program guidelines, best practices for program management, and local Compact Service Corps Program connections to the national network of participating colleges and universities.

Coordinator Training for Members

Training Ground Grant Program

The Training Ground Grant Program provides up to $3,000 for campuses and their community partners to host local trainings relevant to Member service.  The trainings may  include specific information related to a Careers in the Common Good academic program, to an identified community need or to a field of service.  Examples of past Training Ground Grant Programs include “Making our Schools Safe for Learning”, “A Framework for Understanding Poverty”, “Humane Education, Peacemaking & Environmental Sustainability” and “Healthcare Issues in Rural Communities.”  Training Ground application forms can be accessed here and are submitted to Campus Compact of the Mountain West through the local Coordinator.

Evaluation Results

2011-2012 Member Survey Narratives: ArizonaColoradoMontanaNebraskaNorth DakotaSouth Dakota.


“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
----Viktor Frankl

From the podium situated at the front of the room to the tables set up in uniform rows to the individuals sitting in identical chairs, speckled throughout, this classroom could be any college classroom across the country.  The stories that emanated from this little, plain room...