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Tutoring Project Criteria

Tutoring Project Criteria

Tutoring Project Criteria

CSC defines a tutor as someone whose primary goal is to increase academic achievement in reading or other core subjects through planned, consistent, one-to-one or small-group sessions and activities that build on the academic strengths of students in kindergarten through 12th grade, and target their academic needs.

A tutor does not include someone engaged in other academic support activities, such as mentoring and after-school program support, whose primary goal is something other than increasing academic achievement.  Members enrolled through a teacher education program are not tutors.

All tutors must have a high school diploma or its equivalent, or a higher degree. If the tutor is in high school and providing tutoring services through a structured, school-managed, cross-grade tutoring program, then the tutor must first pass a proficiency test, as determined by the tutoring program.

All tutors must successfully complete pre- and in-service specialized training, as required by the tutoring program.  The tutoring program must include the following:

  • Appropriate criteria for selecting and qualifying tutors 
  • Defined strategies or tools the program will use to assess student progress and measure student outcomes
  • Certification that the tutoring curriculum and pre-service and in-service training content are high-quality and research-based, consistent with the instructional program of the local educational agency or with State academic standards


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