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Webinar - Impact Research for Service-Learning Practitioners: Instructor Reflections of Inquiry & Engagement

While the impact of service learning on students is well documented, woefully little research addresses the impact on instructors. We will present the findings of a research study, conducted in partnership with the Colorado Service-Learning Council, which includes interviews with diverse service learning practitioners (faculty member, K12 teacher, nonprofit instructor, etc.) and institutions. Our findings suggest that service learning instructors reap direct and indirect benefits including impacts on their teaching, relationships with students and fellow instructors, sense of personal civic engagement and intrinsic value, among others. By the end of the webinar, participants will: 1) gain an understanding of our research findings (i.e. the impacts of service learning on practitioners), 2) explore how these research findings can be applied/used to advance service learning and best support practitioners at their own institutions, and 3) have an increased awareness of the Colorado Service-Learning Council, including how others could replicate a similar collaborative group in their own state/region.

Please note, this webinar occurs from 1-2pm MST. Please translate for your specific time zone.




Here at CCMW we are tasked with “leading the evolution of the engaged campus,” but what does that mean? What better way to tell the story of engagement than by looking at an example of an engaged student. We would like to introduce you to Melissa Tilleman, a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming (UW), to help tell the story of how CCMW supports a campus in creating opportunities to produce engaged students.

Behold the power of service.